Anal Protrusions

Anal protrusions and skin tags

Skin tags are excess skin that has grown in the anal region. This often is due to some sort of injury or perhaps a prior anal fissure. It is not all that dissimilar from a skin tag anywhere else on your body. Skin tags in themselves are not dangerous. However, should the protrusion be something other than a skin tag, you may have a hemorrhoid.

Anal Protrusions and Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can also protrude from the anal area. This is called a prolapsed hemorrhoid. This wold be a stage 3 or 4 hemorrhoid and should be treated.

Anal Protrusions and Rectal Prolapse

A Rectal Prolapse is a serious medical condition and needs to be attended to immediately. There are two types of Rectal Prolapses. A rectal prolapse could involve either the Rectal Mucosa or the rectal wall protruding through the anus.The Anus is one region of the body where mucous is created.  In the anus, the region that creates mucous is called  the rectal Mucosa. While most anal protrusions are skin tags or hemorrhoids, a rectal prolapse  should not be ruled out until you have had an actual medical inspection by a qualified physician.

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Any anal protrusion should be discussed with your doctor as it could be a sign of a serious medical condition.

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